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Xianggang Metal Takes You To Yuchu Expressway


On the morning of March 9, with the cable crane accurately and stably fixing the last steel box girder on the sling,the first single tower and single span steel box girder suspension bridge in the history of highway construction in the world – lvzhijiang bridge of Yunnan Yuchu expressway was successfully closed.

Lvzhijiang bridge, located in Yunnan, is a key control project of Yuxi Chuxiong expressway. The bridge is 798m long, with two-way four lane bridge deck and a design speed of 100km / h. both banks are directly connected with the tunnel.

Yuchu expressway is an important part of Yunnan Expressway Network, with a total length of 190.597 kilometers. After the completion of the project, the history of no Expressway in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture will be ended and the interconnection of surrounding counties and towns will be realized.
The project has been put into construction since 2019. During the construction process, many problems such as steep terrain on both banks, inconvenient transportation, high-altitude operation risk, multi-storey cross operation and so on have been overcome.
All 19 sections of Yuchu expressway project are supplied with steel strands by our partner Xianggang metal, and nearly 20000 tons of steel strands provide a strong guarantee for the project construction.
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