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Xianggang Metal:Pull a Mighty Force


Guangxi Pingnan third bridge, the “world’s first arch”, has a total length of 1035 meters and a main bridge span of 575 meters. It is necessary to provide 600 tons of prestressed steel strand with deflection tensile coefficient less than 20%.After receiving the customer’s request, Xianggang metal urgently established a product research team, selected the high-quality wire rod provided by Xianggang, strictly formulated the production process, and accurately controlled the production time of pickling, wire drawing and stabilizing the chemical process.Finally, only 28 days were used for delivery, and the qualified rate was 100%. It occupied the market with high quality. At present, there is no mature product in China to replace it.


Xianggang metal has accumulated rich experience in the production of steel wire rope, PC steel strand, steel wire and other major products. With an annual production capacity of more than 300000 tons, Xianggang metal is one of the large metal products bases in China.


Mr. Chen, assistant general manager of the company, told us that steel wire rope products are widely used in many industries such as mining, metallurgy, engineering machinery, elevator, port, marine fishing, oil, shipping, bridge and tourism. PC steel strand products are widely used in many key engineering fields such as expressway, high-speed railway, mining and various power stations, and steel wire is used in furniture and other industries.


Among them, the elevator steel wire rope produced by the company has established close cooperation with domestic well-known elevator enterprises such as Hangzhou Theo and Suzhou Dior due to its superior fatigue resistance and other properties.”The elevator is used frequently and runs at high speed frequently, so it needs to be absolutely safe. The elevator steel wire rope produced by Xianggang needs to do more than 600000 fatigue tests to ensure that there is no broken wire and the index is normal before it can be sent to customers.” Mr. Chen explained.

The bridge stay cable produced by Xianggang is prestressed steel wire, which is much higher than the national standard in strength, torsion, fatigue resistance and other index performance. Facing the impact of strong wind and waves on the river and sea, it is more conducive to the stability of the bridge.”At present, there are not many enterprises producing this type of products in China,” Mr. Chen said.


At present, Xianggang metal has started the transformation of MES digital production system. On the basis of realizing production scheduling, production preparation, quality inspection, quality traceability and production visualization, it continues to pay close attention to lean production and system implementation, so as to further improve the product quality and management level of the enterprise.