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Xianggang Exclusive! China’s First “Intelligent Unmanned System Research Ship” Was Successfully Launched!


Recently, China’s first intelligent unmanned system mother ship was successfully launched. All the steel plates used in the ship were supplied by Xianggang. Xianggang has won the recognition of customers by virtue of its stable product quality, fast delivery and other high-quality services, and has established a close cooperative.

The ship is subordinate to the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of southern marine science and Engineering (Zhuhai) (hereinafter referred to as “southern marine laboratory”), and will become the first scientific research ship with remote control and open water autonomous navigation functions in China, providing an unprecedented weapon for China to carry out marine scientific research, expand Marine Science and help marine economic development. It is understood that the ship plans to complete the sea trial and put into use by the end of this year.

The operation of the intelligent unmanned system mother ship will be of great significance to change the traditional ocean observation mode, obtain real-time three-dimensional ocean observation data, and improve the efficiency and level of ocean observation. It will also help to cultivate high-end marine scientific and technological talents and further enhance the innovation ability of marine science and technology.

The reason why Xianggang can be in the forefront of the ship plate market stems from the market development, product development and production control. At present, Xianggang is the best steel plant in China with the ability to deliver LNG ship plates in batches, and has completed the supply of high-end steel plates for FPSO ships, the “sea giant” with the world’s largest tonnage and largest oil storage capacity. Now, Xianggang shipbuilding board has once again helped China’s science and technology, and is constantly striding forward to the “high-precision and cutting-edge”.

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