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Xianggang Brand Enters Africa


Recently, the last high-rise building of Egypt’s new administrative capital CBD (central business district) project jointly built by China and Egypt has been capped, which marks the completion of the main structure construction of all individual works of the project. It will fully enter the decoration and electromechanical installation stage and rush towards the final completion.

The project is a model of cooperation between China and Egypt under the “the Belt and Road” initiative. It covers an area of about 505000 square meters, with a total of 20 individual engineering buildings, including 10 high-rise commercial office buildings, 5 high-rise apartments, 4 high-end hotels and the 385.8-meter “tallest in Africa” sign tower. It is the largest project of Chinese central enterprises in Egypt so far. After completion, Egypt will truly have a world-class central business district, And drive the development of the Suez Canal Economic Belt and the Red Sea Economic Belt in Egypt.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the prestressed steel strands required for the floor slab laying of the building are exclusively supplied by Xianggang metal, a subsidiary of Xianggang. In such a major project abroad, it is not easy to adopt Chinese domestic brands for the laying of long-span reinforced concrete structures.

It is understood that the project construction needs φ 12.7 grade 1860 prestressed steel strand is the American Standard. The production requirements of the project are different from those in China. They not only have very high requirements on the strength and relaxation performance of the product itself, but also put forward different technical requirements on the product tolerance, length, strength deviation, etc; Due to the long transportation distance, the product outer packaging and relevant guarantee conditions are also very strict. In order to meet the needs of users, Xianggang metal has set up a special research team to develop customized products. According to customer feedback, the reason why Hunan Xianggang metal’s prestressed steel strand was selected for the construction of Egypt’s new capital project is not only because of the excellent product quality, but also because of the professionalism and dedication of Xianggang metal’s R & D, production, sales and service teams.

At present, Xianggang metal products have been certified in many overseas markets such as EU, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia and Dubai. The project supervisor has visited Xianggang for many times and spoke highly of the production of Xianggang metal. In recent years, Xianggang’s metal sales have repeatedly reached new highs, adding luster to China’s manufacturing industry in the “the Belt and Road” project, and is moving towards the goal of becoming a first-class and respected comprehensive service provider for metal products in China!