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Wide, Medium And Narrow Flange Carbon H Section Steel


H-beam is used in the metal structure with different requirements, whether it is subjected to bending moment, pressure load, eccentric load shows its superior performance, can greatly improve the load-bearing capacity than ordinary i-beam, saving metal 10% ~ 40%. Because the inner and outer sides of the Flange are parallel and the end of the Flange is at a right angle, it is easy to assemble and assemble into various components, thus the welding and riveting work can be saved about 25%, and the construction speed can be greatly accelerated and the construction period can be shortened.

Main uses :

Due to the above advantages, h-section steel is widely used in various civil and industrial building structures, various large-span industrial plants, and modern high-rise buildings, especially for industrial buildings in areas with frequent seismic activity and under high-temperature working conditions; large bridges with large bearing capacity, good cross-section stability, and large span; heavy equipment; Highway; ship Skeleton; Foundation treatment and Dam Engineering; various machine components.

Parameter of seamless steel pipe:






Q235, SS400, SS490, ASTM A36 / A572 Gr.50, S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / S450J0, 250 / 300 / 350 / 400DX52D / DX53D / S280GD / S320GD / S350GD







W6-W30 / HP8-HP14

HEA HEB HEM 100-1000 / HEAA 120-800

IPE 180-550

UB 203*102-686*254 / UC 152*152-358*368 / UP 203*203-356*368

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