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Valin Xianggang was Approved to Build the First National Industrial Measurement and Testing Center in the Province


Recently, the “national measurement and Testing Center for medium and heavy steel plate industry” declared by Valin Xianggang was approved by the State Administration of market supervision. This is the first approved national industrial measurement and testing center in Hunan Province and the only industrial measurement and testing center in the domestic industry.

Valin Xianggang is a 10 million ton high-quality steel manufacturing base in southern China. Its products cover more than 400 varieties in three categories: wide and heavy plate, wire rod and bar. Among them, the production scale of wide and thick plates ranks first in the world, enjoying a high reputation in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, offshore oil engineering, high-rise bridges, pressure vessels, energy heavy industry and other industries.

In terms of strict control over measurement, relying on 5g information technology, integrated big data integrated management platform, equipment status online monitoring system including stress wave monitoring technology, industry-leading intelligent material measurement system, intelligent equipment energy management system, intelligent calibration monitoring system and other advanced technology platforms, Valin Xianggang has given full play to the measurement work in production and operation, R & D, innovation, design, trade settlement It plays an important role in the process of safety protection. The product quality has been continuously improved, and the production efficiency is more than 15% higher than the industry average level. It has realized the “double decrease” of cost and energy consumption, and the “double increase” of output and profit.

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