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Valin Xianggang Has Built an Internationally Leading Wide and Thick Plate Quenching and Tempering Line


On November 6, 2021, Valin Xianggang and its partner, Northeast University, accepted an internationally leading wide and thick plate quenching and tempering line put into operation in August this year, and invited experts from domestic petrochemical and equipment manufacturing industries to discuss new materials and technologies for heat treatment of wide and thick plates.

At present, China needs to import more than 2million tons of civil special steel plates every year. Some varieties are monopolized by foreign countries, and some fields are completely blocked, which hinders the development of China’s advanced equipment. In order to ensure the performance of special steel plates, a large number of alloys must be added in the production process, which will not only significantly increase the manufacturing cost, but also bring great difficulties to the process design and process control. In particular, the impact toughness of the core of thick steel plates is difficult to be guaranteed, and it is easy to cause high steel plate strength, which is not conducive to the shape control, but also has a great impact on the welding performance of steel plates.

The quenching and tempering line effectively solves the above problems. The steel plate produced has good stability in various indicators, greatly reduces the welding difficulty, significantly reduces the manufacturing cost, and greatly improves the manufacturing capacity of high-quality and high-performance plates of Valin Xianggang. The head of the technical department of Xianggang told the reporter of China Metallurgical news that the quenching and tempering line was put into operation in August this year, making the heat treatment process of Xianggang reach the world-class level. The quenching and tempering line has many functions such as quenching, normalizing, tempering and NAC. The steel plate that can be processed has a minimum thickness of 5mm, a maximum thickness of 200mm, a maximum width of 4.8m and a maximum length of 22m, and a maximum unit weight of 26 tons. It has the characteristics of ultra wide and ultra thick, with an annual capacity of 110000 tons.

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