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Valin Xianggang Has Become the Only Chinese Supplier of High-Strength Wear-Resistant Steel of HCE Company in Korea


Several high-strength and wear-resistant steel varieties of Valin Xianggang have passed the inspection and evaluation of construction machinery of Korea Hyundai Construction (HCE) company at one time, and completed the audit and certification. Relying on strict process control, reliable product quality and fast market response ability, Valin Xianggang has become the only Chinese supplier of high-strength wear-resistant steel for construction machinery of modern construction company. This is also the recognition of Valin Xianggang products by foreign leading construction machinery enterprises after passing the Volvo audit and certification in 2020.

Hyundai Construction Company is the second engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise in South Korea. It mainly produces excavators, backhoe loaders, forklifts and other equipment, and has extremely strict requirements for raw material product quality and process control. It has many production plants all over the world, and its products are all over the world. It is one of the giants of construction machinery and equipment manufacturers in the world.

In order to let the customer fully understand the production process control ability, product quality and marketing service of high-strength wear-resistant steel of Valin Xianggang, the overseas sales center of Valin Xianggang technology and quality department worked closely with the Korean business team to conduct comprehensive and repeated communication and confirmation with the customer’s technical department on technical conditions, process control and quality assurance. Through the joint efforts of the project team members, several high-strength and wear-resistant steel varieties of Valin Xianggang have passed the customer’s test at one time.

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