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The World’s Largest Pile Driver, 70% Of The Steel Used Is Made By Xianggang!


“Yihangjin pile 1” is 124 meters long, 39 meters wide, 8 meters deep, 142 meters high, and can drive a pile foundation with a maximum weight of 700 tons and a diameter of 6 meters.It can meet the construction requirements of offshore harsh sea conditions. It is used for the construction of offshore wind power high pile cap pile, jacket pile and large beam pile foundation. It can be sealed and towed in unlimited navigation area.


In order to meet the requirement that the piling equipment will not break under bad sea conditions, the high-strength ship plate made by “Xianggang” can meet the ship plates with two yield strengths of 550MPa and 690Mpa under the working environment of – 40 ℃, and the maximum tensile strength can reach 820Mpa.According to the person in charge of plate sales of Xianggang, these two kinds of plates with yield strength are the highest level products of Xianggang ship plate at present, and have been used in marine engineering platform, wind power installation ship, scientific research ship and other projects.About three of the 6500 tons of products supplied for “Yihang Jinzhuang 1” this time have become high-strength ship plates, which accounts for a very high proportion.This product will become another business card of Xianggang.

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