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The Iron And Steel Industry Must Unswervingly Implement The Two “Hard Core” Tasks Of “Dual Control” Of Production Capacity And Output And Price Stability And Supply


According to the news on the WeChat public account of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association on October 23, in order to fully grasp the operation of the steel industry in the first three quarters, study and judge the industry trends throughout the year and next year, and listen to the relevant suggestions and opinions of enterprises, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association issued a report on October 22 Beijing held a symposium on the economic operation of some iron and steel enterprises in the third quarter. He Wenbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Chairman of the Iron and Steel Association, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Qu Xiuli presided over the meeting. Vice Chairman Luo Tiejun and Deputy Secretary-General Shi Hongwei attended the meeting. Relevant responsible comrades of 17 iron and steel enterprises including Baowu, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Hegang, Shagang, CITIC Pacific Special Steel, and Shanxi Iron and Steel participated in the meeting.

The Iron and Steel Association notified the operation of the steel industry in the first three quarters. The participating companies exchanged the operating conditions of the company in the first three quarters, and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on dual control, dual limit, raw fuel and steel prices, industrial chain supply chain construction and export policies, and put forward suggestions based on the company’s situation. Provided targeted suggestions and opinions.

He Wenbo responded to the key issues reflected by the steel companies one by one, and proposed that one must have confidence in the next step of the operation and development of the steel industry, and the other must be prepared. Confidence comes from the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, as well as the market-oriented foundation and adaptability of China’s steel industry. In recent months, China’s steel industry has successfully adjusted production intensity and established a new balance between market supply and demand. At the same time, we must be fully prepared for the difficulties China’s economy is facing and the possible impact of the complicated international economic situation on China’s economy.

He Wenbo pointed out that the steel industry has a long way to go, based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, and building a new development pattern. At present, we must unswervingly implement the two “hard core” tasks of “dual control” of production capacity and output and price stability and supply, recognize the situation, overcome difficulties, take the initiative, and respond actively, and go all out to fulfill the industry mission of ensuring supply. And do our utmost to achieve good annual operating results for the entire industry.

He Wenbo emphasized that the steel industry must not only adapt to changes, but also face the future; it must focus on the present and plan for the long-term. It is necessary to look at the new situation, new tasks, and new challenges facing the industry dialectically. At present, in the face of a complex, volatile, unstable and uncertain market situation, the steel business must pay close attention to the following three issues. First, with the gradual recovery of world steel production capacity and the greater adjustment of China’s steel production intensity, it is necessary to pay close attention to changes in the global steel production pattern, market pattern, and especially the competitive pattern. The second is not only to see the adjustment of China’s steel production scale, but also to pay close attention to changes in the downstream consumption trend of steel. This is the basis for this adjustment of production and the basis for determining the next level of production capacity. The third is not only to see the staged positive market effects achieved by the production restriction measures, but also to pay close attention to the problems found in the industry governance mechanism and incentive guidance during the adjustment process and try to improve them.

He Wenbo proposed that while actively taking measures to adapt to changes in the economic situation, more attention should be paid to the issue of how to implement long-term work. The first is the issue of industry self-discipline. It is necessary for the government to directly put forward specific requirements on the scale of production, but it is not a long-term solution. Marketization, rule of law, and internationalization are still the basic principles we must always abide by. Regarding the return of production scale to normal steel demand, how to “effectively strengthen industry governance and effectively maintain market order”, make more use of market mechanisms, and better reflect industry self-discipline is a matter that the entire industry must seriously face and study and solve Major issues. The second is the issue of resource protection. The industry has put forward a series of response measures on how to enhance resource protection, but how to truly implement it still needs the efforts of the industry and the support of the government. Finally, under the dual constraints of resources and the environment, how to re-understand and treat the international market correctly, and how to continue to promote the internationalization of China’s iron and steel, must have a new arrangement that faces the overall situation and faces the future.

Qu Xiuli and Luo Tiejun also discussed and responded to the issues raised by the company. Luo Tiejun responded to the “dual control”, iron ore resource guarantee, and iron and steel product import and export policies that the company focused on. Qu Xiuli said that by listening to everyone’s speeches, the association and the enterprise have basically the same understanding of the market and views on the future trend. This is the basis for the next step of the work. In the next step, the association will carefully sort out and study the opinions put forward by steel enterprises, actively appeal and reflect to relevant ministries and commissions, and coordinate with enterprises to advance in an orderly manner to solve the difficulties and problems faced by the industry and the economic operation of enterprises.

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