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The 60000 Ton Steel Plate of Shanghai Center Building Is Made in Xiangtan, the Products of Xiangtan Steel Support the Tallest Building in China


According to the CCTV documentary super project, this building has surpassed the surrounding Jin Mao Tower and  Shanghai World Financial Center and become a brand-new landmark of the city. It is the tallest building in China – the Shanghai center building. When employees from Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. board the Shanghai center, they will always feel proud, because the steel structural plates used for the construction of the whole building above the ground are more than 60000 tons, all provided by Valin Xiangtan Iron and steel. This is the most advanced plate production line in the world. Every steel plate supplied to Shanghai center is strictly guaranteed in quality.

The relevant person in charge of Valin Xianggang said that the builder of the Shanghai center building has put forward high requirements for the seismic performance and surface quality of the steel plate, and defects such as pits, scratches and cracks must not appear.

In recent years, the steel plates for high-rise buildings produced by Valin Xianggang have been successfully applied to many national key projects and landmark buildings. From Shanghai center building, the tallest building in China, to Beijing new airport, CCTV new site project, Guangzhou TV Tower, etc., there are products of Valin Xianggang. The steel plates developed by Valin Xianggang have the characteristics of high strength, strength and toughness, low carbon equivalent, low crack sensitivity, excellent welding performance and lamellar tear resistance, making the products of Valin Xianggang reach the international advanced level in the field of high-rise building structural steel.