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Steel Wire


Steel wire is one of the four major varieties of steel plates, tubes, shapes and wires. It is a reprocessed product made of hot-rolled wire rods by cold drawing.

Coating treatment: a layer of metal or alloy is coated on the surface of the steel wire with non smooth coating requirements. One of the purposes is to make the steel wire anticorrosive to improve its service life, such as galvanizing, aluminizing, etc; The second purpose is to make the steel wire have some special properties. For example, when producing tire steel wire, in order to ensure the good bonding ability between steel wire and rubber, copper plating is required.

Steel wires are widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing, energy and public utilities, agriculture and animal husbandry, daily consumer goods, etc.Our company can provide steel wires with various diameters and coatings.

Construction industry:

 welded mesh      roof and slate hook line

Automobile manufacturing:

 steel cord for tire reinforcement        control cable

Energy and public utilities:

 coated steel wire for reliable, highly corrosion resistant spring      rock protection line

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

fence line         PET coated steel wire for aquaculture cage

 Daily consumer goods:

 wire for clothes hanger         binding line










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