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Steel Price Index Trend Warning Report Information


This week (September 22-September 24), the steel index closed at 6,090 yuan/ton, up 160 yuan on a week-on-week basis. According to information monitoring data, as of September 24, the average price of 25mm grade 3 rebar in 61 major markets across the country was 5872 yuan/ton, an increase of 131 yuan/ton on a week-on-week basis; the high-line HPB300φ6.5mm was 6182 yuan/ton. The week-on-week increase was 125 yuan/ton.

In this period, the price of construction steel in the markets across the country has risen sharply: among them, the Northeast, Northwest, and North China steel mills are catching up, and the market prices are rising; East China, Central China, South China, and Southwest China have joined hands to increase market quotations. The steel index rose this week and the cost index rebounded, but the former rose even more, indicating that the profit margin of steel mills was expanding; this week, rebar futures fluctuated frequently, and the spot market rose first and then fell.

In terms of futures, the performance of the main black contracts this week has diverged: iron ore rebounded from low levels, coke range fluctuated, hot coils fluctuated downwards, and threaded highs fell back. Among them, the hot coil 2201 contract closed at 5601 yuan on Friday and night trading, down 76 yuan/ton from last Friday’s day trading; the rebar RB2201 contract closed at 5499 yuan/ton on Friday night trading, up 21 yuan from last Friday’s day trading. /Ton; from the perspective of the whole week, the raw material end (iron ore and coke) is difficult to fall sharply, and the direction of the finished product end (thread and hot coil) is unknown.

According to the information inventory monitoring data, as of September 23, the total rebar inventory of the Shanghai stock market was 399,700 tons, a decrease of 20,600 tons from last week, a decrease of 4.9%. Inventories in Shanghai fell for the fifth consecutive week, a decrease from the previous month. Slight expansion; the current inventory compared with the same period last year (September 24, 469,800 tons) decreased by 70,100 tons, a decrease of 14.92%. This week’s inventory decline was mainly due to the lack of stock resources and the smooth diversion of inventory to surrounding markets.

In this issue, the Shanghai stock market line spiral week terminal purchase volume monitored by the information is 11,800 tons, a decrease of 41.29% from last week; The daily level is slightly higher than the average level last Sunday. Judging from historical data, the terminal purchase volume in this period is flat, and it is expected that there will be fluctuations in the later period.

The steel index in this issue rose month-on-month, and the market price went up as a whole: Wednesday, it rose sharply; Thursday, it rose slightly; Friday, the high level fell. The current situation of the Shanghai market is: social inventories continue to decline, and terminal demand is not increasing; limited production and supply reduction are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and merchants look forward to high-priced shipments. The current market conditions are in a “hesitating” state, and the steel index is expected to fluctuate next week.

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