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Steel Wire
Steel wire is one of the four major varieties of steel plates, tubes, shapes and wires. It is a reprocessed product made of hot-rolled wire rods by cold drawing. Coating treatment: a layer of metal or alloy is coated on the surface of the steel wire with non smooth coating requirements. One of the purposes is to make the steel wire anticorrosiv...
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Xianggang Brand Enters Africa
Recently, the last high-rise building of Egypt’s new administrative capital CBD (central business district) project jointly built by China and Egypt has been capped, which marks the completion of the main structure construction of all individual works of the project. It will fully enter the decoration and electromechanical installation sta...
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Valin Xianggang Has Built an Internationally Leading Wide and Thick Plate Quenching and Tempering Line
On November 6, 2021, Valin Xianggang and its partner, Northeast University, accepted an internationally leading wide and thick plate quenching and tempering line put into operation in August this year, and invited experts from domestic petrochemical and equipment manufacturing industries to discuss new materials and technologies for heat treatm...
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Valin Xianggang was Approved to Build the First National Industrial Measurement and Testing Center in the Province
Recently, the “national measurement and Testing Center for medium and heavy steel plate industry” declared by Valin Xianggang was approved by the State Administration of market supervision. This is the first approved national industrial measurement and testing center in Hunan Province and the only industrial measurement and testing ...
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[Brand Story] Xianggang: Caring for Brand Growth
In recent years, Xianggang has proposed to build a “double first-class” product plan of international first-class wide and thick plates and domestic first-line bars, increased R & D and innovation, and continued to improve product quality. It has successively developed high-end marine steel below f690, engineering machinery ...
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The World Steel Association Predicts That There Is a High Degree of Uncertainty in the Global Steel Demand in the Next Two Years
On April 14, the world iron and Steel Association (hereinafter referred to as the world iron and Steel Association) released the latest version of the short-term steel demand forecast report (2022-2023). The report shows that the global steel demand will continue to grow by 0.4% in 2022, reaching 1.840 billion tons, following the growth of 2.7%...
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Xianggang Exclusive! China’s First “Intelligent Unmanned System Research Ship” Was Successfully Launched!
Recently, China’s first intelligent unmanned system mother ship was successfully launched. All the steel plates used in the ship were supplied by Xianggang. Xianggang has won the recognition of customers by virtue of its stable product quality, fast delivery and other high-quality services, and has established a close cooperative. The shi...
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The 60000 Ton Steel Plate of Shanghai Center Building Is Made in Xiangtan, the Products of Xiangtan Steel Support the Tallest Building in China
According to the CCTV documentary super project, this building has surpassed the surrounding Jin Mao Tower and  Shanghai World Financial Center and become a brand-new landmark of the city. It is the tallest building in China – the Shanghai center building. When employees from Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. board the Shangha...
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