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More Than 100 Tons of Nuclear Safety Grade Key Steel Are Provided by Valin Xianggang!


The world’s first fourth generation nuclear test platform has been completed by the end of 2020. Among them, more than 100 tons of nuclear safety grade key steel are all provided by Valin Xiang iron and steel.

The thorium based molten salt reactor nuclear energy system adopted by the nuclear test platform is one of the candidates for the fourth generation advanced nuclear energy system in China. It has the characteristics of high inherent safety, less nuclear waste, better non-proliferation performance and economy. The experimental reactor no longer uses heavy and expensive pressure vessels, but selects lighter and low-cost safety pressure vessels, which requires the same performance of steel for pressure vessels. This is the most demanding pressure vessel steel on the market.

Compared with other pressure vessel steels, the safety requirements of safety vessel steels for nuclear power projects are extremely high. The safety vessel steel provided by Valin Xianggang is used for nuclear safety, which requires not only large thickness and span, but also strict requirements for raw materials and technical control. The requirements for the purity of molten steel are particularly high. All kinds of inclusions are required to be less than 1.0, which is equivalent to that there can be no impurities with thin hair on a piece of A4 paper.

At present, the product response is good. With the gradual liberalization of civil nuclear power by the state, Valin Xianggang has participated in the construction of several nuclear power projects for several consecutive years and accumulated rich experience. This time, safety vessel steel is provided for the fourth generation nuclear power project, which opens a new high-end market for Valin Xianggang pressure vessel steel.

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