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Electricity Restrictions May Be Suspended, And Price Volatility Becomes Stronger


1. On weekends, the price of plain carbon billet in Tangshan, Hebei fell by 50 yuan.

2. Baosteel Co., Ltd. went to Shiheng Special Steel, Jianlong Group and Puyang Iron and Steel to carry out benchmarking exchanges.

3. Coal Transportation and Marketing Association: The supply and demand situation of the coal market will gradually improve.

4. The number of containers sent by rail-sea intermodal trains on the new land-sea channel in western China has bucked the trend and soared.

5. Secretary-General of the Travel Union: I firmly believe that the darkest period of automotive chip supply has passed.

Steel mill

In terms of coke: the current mainstream pre-primary wet quenching coke in Shanxi area is reported to be 4060-4200 yuan/ton; the mainstream of the port’s pre-primary metallurgical coke is 3950-4000 yuan/ton. At present, the demand for coke from steel mills is general, mostly on-demand procurement. The weaker coke price is expected to be strong. However, considering the decline in the operating rate of coke companies, the supply of coke is slightly tight, so the coke market is expected to be stable and strong. .

In terms of billet: The price of plain billet in Tangshan dropped 50 yuan at the weekend to 5200 yuan. This morning, the local and surrounding steel mills in Tangshan and some of the surrounding steel mills stabilized the price of plain carbon billet at 5200 yuan/ton, all including tax.

Comprehensive view: With the current release of the staggered production policy during the heating season, it shows that there is no obvious loosening of the late-term production policy, and the electricity curtailment policy may be suspended in the later period, and the superimposed raw material prices remain high, so the overall price of the later period is still relatively large. Support, it is expected that the national hot coil spot price will fluctuate strongly next week.