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[Brand Story] Xianggang: Caring for Brand Growth


In recent years, Xianggang has proposed to build a “double first-class” product plan of international first-class wide and thick plates and domestic first-line bars, increased R & D and innovation, and continued to improve product quality. It has successively developed high-end marine steel below f690, engineering machinery steel below 1300 MPa, marine engineering steel with a thickness of 200 mm, LPG marine low-temperature steel, crack arrest steel for large container ships, corrosion-resistant bridge steel, composite plate, wear-resistant steel 178 mm thick toothed bar steel, high-rise building steel, ultra-low carbon steel, automobile spring steel and other new products, many product technologies are at the leading level at home and abroad, and many varieties have been imported for replacement. Xianggang’s market share of engineering machinery steel, ship steel, bridge steel and offshore engineering steel is firmly in the forefront of China, and its quality brand influence continues to improve.

Brand building is hard won

Recently, the staff of the State Grid gave feedback on the use of Xianggang hydropower penstock steel in Zhen’an pumped storage power station and Xiamen pumped storage power station projects. They thanked Xianggang for its contribution to the project’s timely commissioning in terms of product supply, quality assurance and after-sales service.

Zhen’an pumped storage power station and Xiamen pumped storage power station are the key projects of the State Grid, which are related to the transformation and upgrading of China’s energy structure. Xianggang has supplied nearly 30000 tons of high-end hydropower penstock steel for these two projects in total, and both of them are exclusively supplied, which is a testimony to the strength of Xianggang’s hydropower penstock steel among the first echelon of domestic plates.

However, a few years ago, compared with the star products in Xianggang’s engineering machinery steel, marine steel, bridge steel and other markets, the annual sales volume of Xianggang’s hydropower pressure pipeline steel was only a few thousand tons, which was unknown in the industry. The annual total market demand for this steel is only 40000 to 50000 tons. It is a niche product with a highly segmented market and a high entry threshold. However, Xianggang has never given up its attention, continued to invest in research and development, and carefully cared for the quality brand. It has successively developed 600 MPa and 800 MPa high-end hydropower penstock steel, among which Xianggang’s 800 MPa hydropower penstock steel has reached the highest in the world. In 2021, the annual sales volume of steel for hydropower penstock of Xianggang exceeded 50000 tons. Xianggang has become an important supplier of steel for hydropower penstock of power giants such as state grid, China Southern Power Grid, Datang Power Generation and Huaneng Group, and its products have been highly recognized by customers.
It is the long-term adherence to each key segment and the continuous care of the brand that Xianggang has cultivated a large number of well-known brand products in the market, such as offshore steel, bridge steel, ship steel, engineering machinery steel, and Xianggang products have been applied to offshore oil 981, Shanghai center building, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, National Conference Center, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Yamal, Abu Dhabi International Airport Deepwater No.1 offshore platform, Liuhua project, Huaneng Cangnan No.4 offshore wind power, China Russia east line natural gas pipeline project and other landmark key projects at home and abroad.

Brand needs quality assurance

To win the good reputation of customers, the most important thing is to rely on excellent product quality. Spring steel wire rod is a high-tech product in iron and steel materials. Its production and application represent the development level of long products in iron and steel enterprises. At present, the sales market share of wire rod for spring steel wire of Xianggang ranks among the top in the country, and the brand influence continues to improve. At the initial stage of product development, the product was complained by customers from time to time due to the problem of “Scar” on the surface, which made everyone headache. Xianggang is determined to gnaw on the “hard bone” of the quality of spring steel wire rod.

First, in the steel-making process, the converter, refining and continuous casting production processes are optimized to prevent unqualified steel slabs from flowing into the next process. In the steel rolling process, more than 40 key processes affecting products were sorted out, and more than 150 quality risk factors were rectified. In order to prevent scratches, repeated design, improvement and perfection were carried out to protect the wire rod in an all-round way. The whole process controlled every link of billet reshipment, rolling, packaging and shipping, and comprehensively improved the quality assurance level of spring steel. In terms of R & D, following the development direction of automobile lightweight, large-scale major technical equipment and parameter limit, adhering to the customer-centered principle, understanding the user needs in detail, successfully developed a series of new products represented by 55sicra-r spring steel secondary wire rod, and supplied them to new customers such as the Institute of metal products of the Chinese Academy of steel. The brand influence of Xianggang spring steel has greatly increased.

It is the high attention to product quality that makes customers highly recognize Xianggang products. Relying on product quality, Xianggang has won a large number of world-class enterprise customers, such as Caterpillar, Sany Heavy Industry, shell oil, China shipbuilding, CNOOC, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Kawasaki, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with them.

Brand needs strength support

Crack arrest steel is a cutting-edge direction in shipbuilding industry in recent years. In reality, the super large container ship welded by high-strength and extra thick steel plates may have cracks due to the complex stress state. Once the cracks spread, it will directly lead to the disintegration of the ship and produce serious consequences. In order to solve the problem of cracking of large container ships, the domestic head steel works began to develop crack arrest steel.

In 2021, Xianggang will give full play to the domestic leading equipment advantages of the five meter plate production line, make use of the multiple functions of the ultra fast cooling device, and on the basis of the original TMCP ship plate steel, through fine-tuning the composition, and through many trials, successfully develop e40/e47 large-scale container ship crack arrest steel plate, and the 85 mm thick e40/e47bca crack arrest steel has passed the certification of CCS (China), LR (UK), NK (Japan), DNV (Norway) and bv (France), The small sample substitution linear relationship has been established, and the R & D and production level of crack arrest steel of Xianggang has been in the forefront of China.

Crack arrest steel is not only very difficult to develop, but also needs strong economic strength to support. As the crack arrest property of steel is a newly proposed performance index in recent years, at present, there is only one certification body in China. It costs more than 100000 yuan to test a sample. To complete one certification, it requires dozens of samples, costing millions.

With high difficulty and large investment, why should Xianggang develop it? The chief engineer of variety research and development of Xianggang pointed out that focusing on high-end products and increasing investment reflect the determination of the enterprise to promote scientific and technological innovation and maintain brand influence. As the head steel plant in the medium and heavy plate market, Xianggang should bravely take on the mission of building a strong steel country, widely involve in the research and production of cutting-edge varieties of steel, and reflect the brand driving force of large enterprises.

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