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Wuxi Ontime Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 2006 with a vision to provide top quality steel products and solutions for the global market; ever since then, we have always been dedicated to fulfilling that vision with persistent professionalism, determination, innovation, and superb service. the company always implements first-class service to ensure product quality, development to do a good job of the vast number of steel products users of the terminal service provider.

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Global Service Network

Our company has sufficient supply of goods, complete supporting facilities, and reasonable price. It is mainly engaged in products of various specifications and models produced by large steel plants, such as seamless pipes, welded pipes, hot plates, steel plates, angle steels, I-beams, flat steels, round steels, galvanized profiles, building materials, and pipe fittings. There are more than 500 products in stock, freeloading, and transportation. As a comprehensive steel sales company with the widest range of customers, we are committed to becoming the most professional steel trader in the world.
Our company strives to improve its business philosophy and change its marketing mode, serve the market with strength, ensure customer satisfaction with integrity, and establish a reputation with high quality and efficiency, so as to make the company grow and occupy an important position in the same industry.

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Our services

First, we establish a unified order in connection with common customer demand in different markets to form advantages through economies of scale, lowering procurement and logistics costs; second, the optimal supplier and cooperative partners are selected from many supplier mills to lower procurement costs; third, optimized supply combination is conducted in accordance with single customer demand order and combining advantages of different supplier mills to lower-order procurement costs. We are therefore able to offer various sales terms and value-added financing solutions to the clients at a competitive cost. We perform corresponding after-sales service and solve cargo damage as well as internal quality defects which occur after delivery strictly according to term sand contracts.​