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Strength Certification! Valin Xianggang High Strength Wear-Resistant Steel Adds World Giant Customers


On August 26, 2020, good news came from Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Valin Xiangtan Iron and steel”). After becoming the largest supplier of Caterpillar in China, Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. once again supplied to the world-famous construction machinery giant, became a supplier of high-strength wear-resistant steel for Volvo, and was the only Chinese steel plant authorized and recognized by Volvo’s South Korean R & D center.

Volvo is a world-famous construction machinery giant, and its material selection standards have always been known as “harsh”. It can be seen from its preciseness and prudence in the indicator that scrap steel is required to be non radioactive. In order to give Volvo a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the company’s product quality, customer service, etc., the personnel of Valin Xianggang project team carried out technical marketing services with Volvo. The two sides established a close contact mechanism and exchanged details in equipment assurance, quality system, product quality and other aspects.

In 2017, Volvo began to carry out data certification on the supply of high-strength steel by Valin Xianggang. In 2019, Volvo went to Valin Xianggang twice to carry out on-site audit, and reviewed and confirmed the production process, product quality, welding process, logistics management, service management and other aspects one by one. At the same time, Valin Xianggang comprehensively and timely grasped Volvo’s personalized needs, made rapid response and continuous improvement, and continuously met customer requirements. In view of the reliable product quality and meticulous service, after three years of certification, Valin Xianggang finally obtained the Volvo high strength steel supply qualification in 2019, and began to supply in batches at the end of the same year.

In early August, Valin Xianggang obtained the first batch of orders for Volvo wear-resistant steel. Through this certification, Valin Xianggang products have further expanded the overseas market. Many well-known foreign companies have taken the initiative to contact Xianggang for the certification of high-strength wear-resistant steel. At present, Valin Xianggang high-strength wear-resistant steel has been adopted by caterpillar, Volvo, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Shengang construction machinery, XCMG and other well-known construction machinery enterprises.

In recent years, Valin Xianggang has been focusing on customers, continuously improving product quality and on-time delivery rate, providing customized services, and standing out in the market competition. At present, the annual sales volume of construction machinery steel of Valin Xianggang has reached 900000 tons, of which high-strength wear-resistant steel accounts for about 50%. Among the top 50 world construction machinery, 26 are directly supplied by Valin Xianggang, firmly standing at the first echelon of construction machinery steel in China. In addition to large supply, Valin Xianggang’s steel products are mainly used in the core and key parts such as crane boom, excavator boom shaking rod, cement pump truck boom, excavator bucket and mine car frame bucket with high-precision and cutting-edge technical quality, and have won high added value.

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